TOUR OF BOOTY – Operation Roundup! (Classified)

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Shoot ID: tc14564
Publish Date: 2018-12-25
Description: I’M A FUCKING GENIUS!! Everyone likes to pretend that they don’t remember who’s idea it was. IT WAS MINE BOIIIII!!!! Im taking the credit that I damn well deserve!! Anyhow, I came up with the AMAZING plan to put up flyers asking for chicks in want so extra cash and a good time. As I expected, we did get a couple of takers. Well…. most of them were a little pass their prime. However, two of them were as gorgeous as they come. We took these lovely ladies back to the barracks and gave them the time of their lives. IT WAS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. All of us who were there that night may not be together anymore, but this night was infinite. Till this day who can forget the midnight run.


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