TOUR OF BOOTY – Local Working Girl (Classified)

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Shoot ID: tc14535
Publish Date: 2017-11-29
Description: FRANKLIN IS AN ANGEL SENT FROM THE HEAVENS TO GUIDE US TO SOME MOTHERFUCKING PUSSY!! He got the word on this girl, who services Americans, and hooked us up with her location. There are a few whorehouses here in the shit, but this girl decided to go solo. That’s right, she works from her own apartment. I mean, you have to be a little crazy to go there (like us.) She does not live in a very inviting area. It was definitely a mission to get there and find her place. Outside of the camp and nearby areas, its a whole different world. We decided to take our chances, and boy did it pay off. THIS CHICK IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! Walker and the HumV got us there in one piece. Then, the search for her apartment came. It took some time but we eventually did get to our juicy reward. Just show her the money and she’s in 100%. She knew what to do as well as what we were there to do. I wouldn’t doubt it if we pay her a visit in the near future. MAYBE NEXT TIME RABBIT CAN POP HIS CHERRY.


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